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The Platform for On-the-Go Sales Professionals

Efficiently share and exchange leads, streamline communication, and collaborate with your selling network in one consolidated place.

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“The ease of groups has allowed me to work faster with not only my co-workers but also allowed me to serve clients more quickly and even upsell services”

Taylor- California

Who are your key selling partners?

Most sales aren’t made by one person alone. A salesperson often works with all parties involved, such as vendors, distributors, inside support, and even other sellers. Alliance gives you a space to rally your network around each lead or opportunity. Alliance App is the innovative future of sales!

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Take your selling network with you, on the app!

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"I like that I have all of my internal resources and supplier partners connected on one, real time platform to help me close business."

-Jeff Depto, Key Accounts Manager, Veritv Corp. California

Streamlined Communication

Collaboration doesn't always happen effectively in your email inbox, however, Alliance is here to provide the solution. Consolidate all communication into custom private groups. Upload documents, send messages, and communicate more effectively. With Alliance App, you’ll be able to use the all-in-one platform to avoid unnecessary delays.

Sales Collaboration

Identify and work together with key selling partners to capitalize on opportunities. Consolidate external and internal relationships into private groups on the Alliance App. Private groups serve as a hub where all selling partners can share, communicate, delegate, and execute on selling opportunities.

Expedited Sales Cycle

Alliance App will empower users to move through the sales cycle faster. As an Alliance user, you will be able to quickly understand your opportunity’s needs, gather the information needed for proposals and contracts, and streamline your workflows outside of your CRM.

Lead & Contact Sharing

Solidify your external network by promoting lead sharing within private groups. Share and securely store lead information in one place. You own your data, and only people you choose to share your data with will see it. Utilize Alliance App to ensure you are capturing the most leads possible within your network.

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