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Sales Communication. Simplified.

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Smarter leads. Easy to use software.

The OSR referrals technology monitors and tracks members’ referrals ensuring they are targeted, quality leads. You are guaranteed a lead list that grows exponentially every time you contribute a lead to the group.

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Streamlined Communication

Lead & Contact Sharing

Network Consolidation & Organization

Lead & Opportunity GPS Mapping

What can Alliance App do for you?

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Streamlined Communication.

Stay in constant contact with your selling network wherever you go, and receive real-time notifications. No more playing phone tag all day or sifting through endless emails. Compartmentalize opportunity-specific conversations and utilize chat functionality to expedite the sales cycle. Seamlessly communicate with your selling network on one platform.

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Lead & Contact Sharing.

Utilize your network to share and collaborate on leads in one secure space. Alliance’s lead sharing functionality allows users to capture all vital contact information regarding potential leads. Efficiently house and manage all leads in one place and take them on the go. Promote continuous pipeline growth by encouraging lead sharing within your network.

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Strengthen Your Selling Network.

Alliance allows you to focus on communication, the most essential part of any sales relationship. The Alliance App enables you to solidify relationships and unite key selling partners on one platform. Take your selling network wherever you go and become a catalyst for your own growth.

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Lead & Opportunity GPS Mapping.

Route out your day with field mode to view current accounts and potential selling opportunities. The easy-to-use GPS feature allows you to optimize your time on the road.

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"Alliance App saves me time during my day, allowing me to have more face-to-face conversations with clients."

Sam, Los Angeles CA

Built for sellers. By sellers.

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Common Questions

The communication barriers sales professionals face every day!
We have created a platform that allows for the consolidation of each seller's entire network to speed up the sales cycle.
By offering a platform whereby sellers can create groups of people from outside their network to chat, send attachments, share leads and opportunities in order to speed up communications that would normally take forever.

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For just $9.99 a month you can create and join all of the groups you need to empower your selling efforts! You’ll foster and nurture long-term network relationships, better understand your leads and opportunities and even ask the right questions before you send proposals and contracts. Have Questions? Email us at support@allianceapp.com or by calling (512) 977-8772

Individual User

$9.99/ month

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Business Management

Pricing being developed

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